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Discover the Hidden Gem: Best Tirthan Valley Trek - Tirath Trek

Updated: Oct 13

Nestled in the heart of the Great Himalayan National Park, the best tirthan valley trek Tirath Trek is a hidden gem that promises to enchant every trekking enthusiast. The trek is a perfect blend of challenging trails, mesmerizing views, and the opportunity to immerse oneself in nature. The trek starts from the quaint little village of Gushaini and takes you through dense forests, meandering streams, and high mountain passes, finally leading you to the stunning Tirath Valley.

​Trek Name

Tirthan valley – Tirath trek

Trek Duration

7 days

Trek Difficulty

Moderate to Strenuous

Trek Description

A beautiful hike with many habitat transitions. Tirath, the origin of the River is a pilgrimage site for the local community

Total distance covered

76 Km

The Tirath Trek is a moderate-level trek, with an altitude of 10,000 feet. The total distance covered during the trek is approximately 20 kilometers, which takes about two days to complete. The trek starts from Gushaini and takes you through dense forests of oak, pine, and deodar, offering stunning views of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks. The first-day trek is a gradual ascent through the forest, leading to a campsite at Rolla.

The second day of the trek starts with an early morning ascent through the meandering streams and lush green meadows. The trail then leads to the Tirath Valley, a serene and tranquil spot that is surrounded by towering peaks. The trek offers panoramic views of the Tirthan river valley, the Great Himalayan National Park, and the surrounding snow-capped mountains.

The Tirath Trek is a great opportunity to explore the rich biodiversity of the Great Himalayan National Park. The trek offers an opportunity to spot rare and exotic species of flora and fauna, such as the Himalayan blue poppy, the Himalayan monal, and the western tragopan.

To undertake the Tirath Trek, you need to be physically fit and mentally prepared for the challenges that come with the trek. You should carry the necessary equipment, such as a sturdy pair of trekking shoes, warm clothing, and a backpack. It is advisable to trek in groups and hire a professional guide who can help you navigate the challenging trails and ensure your safety.

The Tirath Trek is best and a must-do for all those who seek adventure, thrill, and a chance to be one with nature. It offers a perfect blend of scenic beauty, adventure, and a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of the region. So pack your bags, wear your trekking shoes, and embark on a journey to discover the hidden gem of Tirthan Valley




Distance Covered



Gushaini (1500 m) to Rolla (2100 m)

9 Km

  • Walk through eco-zone of GHNP.

  • Gentle gradient at the beginning of trek


Rolla to Nada (3300m) Thach

12 Km

  • Moderate to strenuous climb through oak and conifer forests.

  • A prominent tree god near Chalocha (2450 m) from where the climb starts.

  • Possible sightings of Himalayan tahr or black bear.

  • Nada thatch (meadow) very good for bird watching


Nada Thach to Majhoni (3800m)

12 Km

Gradual to steep descent through forests


Majhoni to Tirath (4000m) and back Majhon

8 Km

  • Moderate gradient leading into the vast meadow of Tirath, offering views of magnificent mountain panoramas

  • Tirath, the origin of Tirthan river has a glacial lake, which is sacred to the locals

  • Vegetation is stunted, showing influence of extreme cold temperatures.


Trek from Majhoni to Nada Thach

12 Km

Camp at Nada Thach


Nada Thatch to Rolla-descent

12 Km

Rest at Nada and Bird watching and descent to Rolla, camp at Rolla


Rolla to Gushaini

10 Km

Trek ends

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